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What is the recovery process after deep plane facelift surgery?

Deep plane facelift surgery is a surgical procedure performed to correct the signs of aging in the face and neck area. The recovery process after this surgery may vary from person to person, but generally goes through the following stages.

Derin plan yüz germe
Illustration of deep plan facelift surgery

In the first days immediately after surgery, there may be swelling, bruising and pain. During the first week, swelling and bruising begin to subside, but the face may still be swollen and tender. It is necessary to use an elastic bandage intermittently during the first week. It is important to eat soft foods and keep your head elevated for the first few days. During the first month, the swelling and bruising will decrease more and the contours of your face will become more defined. However, the face may not be completely back to normal. You can slowly start light physical activities, but you may need to avoid heavy exercise. During the first trimester, the healing process of your face continues. It should be protected especially from the sun and extreme cold and sunscreen should be used. It is important to follow skin care recommendations. After three months, the results of facelift start to become more visible. It may take up to one year for your face to fully heal and the results to stabilize.

In the postoperative period, you should use your medications regularly, do not apply excessive pressure on your face after the use of elastic bandages and report any complications to your doctor immediately.

The recovery process after deep plane facelift surgery may be different for each patient, so personal experience and recovery speed may vary. It is important to strictly follow your doctor's recommendations to make the healing process faster and smoother.


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