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(mentoplasty) sitesi burun estetiği, yüz estetiği, botox, dolgu ve diğer estetik işlemler hakkında bilgilendirmektedir.

Chin and tip of the nose are most important structures that make up the facial profile.

The harmony of tip of the chin  with other structures is important  thus gains importance in the proportional appearance of the face


''A well proportioned natural  chin… Nice profile…''

Chin aesthetic operation (mentoplasty) can often be performed together with aesthetic nose operations (rhinoplasty) to achieve aesthetic harmony on the face.

Chin tip is evaluated together with the nose tip and lip tips from side profile of the face. If it is behind the required position, a prosthesis can be placed with surgery.  So nose, chin and face proportion can be achieved.

Jaw aesthetic surgery  can be performed through a small incision made inside the mouth or under the chin under general or local anesthesia.


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