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Upper Lip Lift

“Lip Lift” is also called upper lip shortening. The distance between the upper lip of the nose and the base of the columella is evaluated. In case this area is long, this surgical method can be applied in order to shorten this distance at the appropriate rate.


   Although it may vary according to the facial proportions, the ideal length of the distance between the base of the columella and the upper lip is between 12-15 mm.


With the aging process, sagging occurs at the upper lip, as in other parts of our face.

Therefore, the need for upper lip lift surgery is seen more in advanced ages. However, the upper lip may be structurally long.

It is also stated as an ideal smile aesthetic that the teeth appear at a certain rate with the movement of the upper lip during laughing. Apart from this,

with the upper lip lift surgery, the insufficient appearance of the teeth during laughing can also be corrected.

It can also be applied on asymmetrical lips. Although the asymmetrical appearance can be corrected to a large extent, it would be appropriate to evaluate the patient's asymmetry carefully before the procedure and to talk to your doctor about the effectiveness of the surgery.


It can be performed under local anesthesia as well as with other facial surgeries performed under general anesthesia.


Upper lip lift surgery is performed at the deep plane, the skin and subcutaneous tissues that are planned to be removed are taken after the incision made at the base of the nose and the upper lip. 


In the first 2 days during the healing process, a slight swelling may occur on the lips and the base of the nose. Cold compresses can be applied on the upper lip. After 1 week, the edema decreases and the sutures are usually removed on the 7th day. The healing of the incision scar accelerates in a few weeks and continues for about a year, and then the scars become indistinct.


Normally, there is no opening in the sutures, but the opening of the sutures after the surgery may occur very rarely due to infection or traumatic stress.

In addition, there is no change in your lip movements or restriction in use, except for the early first one or two days. However, there may be a difficulty in lip movements as a result of challenging surgical procedures.

In addition, after the procedure, some pulling and stretching sensation may occur in the base of the nose and the nose wings. However, this discomfort is completely temporary. This situation, which is especially evident in the first week, disappears within weeks.


Upper lip lift surgery is also permanent. However, especially those who have lip shortening surgery at a young age may need it again later because of aging.

Rarely, re-lip lift surgery may be considered due to inadequate surgical procedure. However, waiting for at least 3 months is important for making the right decision.


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