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(Face Lift-Rhytidectomy, Mid-face Lift) sitesi burun estetiği, yüz estetiği, botox, dolgu ve diğer estetik işlemler hakkında bilgilendirmektedir.

Face lift (ritidectomy) can be defined as the correction of mid-face anatomical changes that occurs with age.

From the age of 20-25,

sagging of the fat tissues on the jaw, wiping of the jaw contours, loss of volume due to fat resorption occurs in the lower and middle of the face. In addition, adipose tissue hangs between the adherent ligaments, the middle face of the fat pad in the folds due to sagging also becomes clear and the jaw-neck between the angle can be blunted and neck bands may become apparent.

With the decrease in bone and fat tissues with aging, the skull becomes thinner and smaller.

The eyebrows slowly descend from their place. It creates a typical aging eye image with sagging of the eyebrows and excess skin in the upper eyelids.

Several different techniques are described in face lift surgeries.

However, in facelift surgeries, successful results are obtained by making a good evaluation in terms of the lower and middle face and choosing the appropriate technique for the patient's problems.

As a result, it is necessary to analyze the anatomical changes developed with the age of the patient and to make a specific surgery plan according to the patient's needs and requirements.

''Special planning for the patient... Younger and shiny view... ''

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