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Bşavuru Formu sayfası görseli

About Protection and Processing of Personal Data
Application form

Dear applicant,


   Application form in hand; It has been arranged so that your related application can be answered accurately and in a legal time, by determining your relationship with our workplace and, if any, fully identifying your personal data processed by our workplace.


     Our workplace reserves the right to request additional documents and information (copy of identity card or driver's license, etc.) amount. In the event that the information regarding your requests you submit within the scope of the form is not correct and up-to-date, or an unauthorized application is made, our workplace does not accept any responsibility for such wrong information or requests arising from unauthorized applications.


      Please follow the instructions below and fill in the relevant fields.


Fill in the following information about the applicant.


Name surname

TC Identification number

(Passport number for foreigners or identification number, if any)


Phone number




Indicate your relationship with our workplace.


☐        Running

☐       Visitor

☐        ill

☐       Employee candidate

☐       Other  ……………………………………………..


Specify your application request.

  Request No.


  Your choice

I want to know whether my personal data is processed by your workplace. [KVK Law m. 11/1 (a)] ☐

If my personal data has been processed by your workplace, I request information about it. [KVK Law m. 11/1 (b)] ☐

I would like to know the purpose of processing my personal data and whether it is used in accordance with the purpose of processing. [KVK Law m. 11/1 (c)] 

If my personal data is transferred to third parties in the country or abroad, I would like to learn about these third parties. [KVK Law m. 11 /1 (d)] 

I think that my personal data is incomplete or incorrectly processed and I request their correction. Please send your petition stating the personal data you want to be corrected and the documents showing the correct and complementary information as an attachment. (Copy of identity card, residence, etc.) [KVK Law art. 11 /1 (d)]

I think that the reasons requiring the processing of my personal data have disappeared, and in this context, my personal data;

a) I request it to be deleted.

b) I request that it be made anonymous. [KVK Law m. 11 /1(e)] 

I would like to inform the third parties to whom my personal data has been transferred, of the actions taken pursuant to my rectification request (Request No 5). [KVK Law m. 11/1 (f)]

 I would like to inform the third parties to whom my personal data has been transferred, of the actions taken pursuant to my request for deletion or destruction (Request No. 6). [KVK Law m. 11/1 (f)] 

 I believe that there is a result against me by analyzing my personal data processed by your workplace exclusively through automated systems. I object to this conclusion.

Please send your petition regarding the analysis result that you think is against you and the documents supporting your objection as an attachment. [KVK Law Article 11/1 (g)] 

 I suffered damage due to the illegal processing of my personal data. I demand that this damage be repaired.

 Please send the documents related to the subject of violation of the law as an attachment. (Court decision, Board decision, documents showing the amount of material damage, etc.) [KVK Law art. 11/1 (ğ)]


If you have additional explanations, please write.




Choose the method of notifying you of the response we will give to your application.

☐       i want to be sent to address.

☐      I would like to receive the data from the person in charge, n 1394_bad (In case of receipt by power of attorney, notarized power of attorney or certificate of authorization must be submitted.)

☐       i want reply to nicf58dme_bad5


Applicant Statement

      In line with the information, documents and requests I have stated in the application form, I request that my application to the data controller be evaluated in accordance with the provisions of the Law and the Application Communiqué and informed. In this context, that the information and documents I have provided to you with this application are correct and up-to-date, that your workplace can process my personal data in order to finalize my application, that it may request additional information and/or documents, and that I may have to pay the fee determined by the Personal Data Protection Board if it requires a cost. I declare and undertake that I have been enlightened.


Applicant's Name and Surname:


Application date:



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