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APPLICATIONS sitesi burun estetiği, yüz estetiği, botox, dolgu ve diğer estetik işlemler, kepçe kulak hakkında bilgilendirmektedir.

As the thinnest needles are used in non-surgical facial rejuvenation (Botox, PRP, Mesotherapy), the pain is very small and easily tolerated. In addition, topical anesthetic agent is applied before the treatment is provided to be less pain.


Platelet rich plasma (PRP) (platelet-enriched plasma) application is very safe due to the use of platelets separated from the individual's own blood. It can be applied to wrinkles, stains, scars, skin cracks and hair loss. The repair and renewal process in the targeted area is triggered.


The fillers are available in many different varieties nowadays and each of them has a variety of different market names produced by different companies. Hyaluronic acid is the most widely used filler. Allergy risk is very low, fillers can be applied to different depths according to their contents and density. The duration of action of the temporary fillers varies between 6-24 months depending on the type of substance applied.


Fill and Botox can be applied to many regions in the same session.

In case of deep lines that develop due to over working mimic muscles (vertical lines between eyebrows, vertical lines around the lips), it is recommended to apply superficial filling 1 week after botox application.

'' Wrinkle-free, bright, beautiful skin...  ''

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