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Revision Rhinoplasty

Doç. Dr. Kerem Sami Kaya ameliyathane fotoğrafı

What is revision rhinoplasty ?

The surgery performed in case of problems related to the previous rhinoplasty surgery is called 'revision rhinoplasty'. Although the general principles are the same as rhinoplasty, it is usually performed with a higher level of technical difficulty.

Why it's difficult ?

These are noses that have been operated on before (often by another surgeon) and it is not clear what has been done. It is important to obtain the previous surgery notes.

When can it be done ?

It takes between 8 months and 1 year for the edema to completely disappear after rhinoplasty surgery. This period may take even longer in people with thick skin. Therefore, it is recommended that this period should pass in order not to affect the revision surgery decision incorrectly.

Is additional cartilage needed ?

In revision rhinoplasty, it is not possible to know the exact requirements before starting the surgery. Therefore, it is necessary to explain that additional cartilage (ear or rib) may be required and the surgery should be performed with the patient's consent.

Doç. Dr. Kerem Sami Kaya burun ameliyatı yaparken.
Ameliyathane fotoğrafı.

Is there any pain as a result of rib cartilage harvesting ?

If rib cartilage is required, surgery is performed through a skin incision of about 2.5 cm. Afterwards, the pain is minimal because the muscles are protected while the rib is removed. After the rib is removed, the incision is carefully sutured. 

Important notes !

In the literature, revision surgery may be required at an average rate of ten to twenty percent after rhinoplasty surgery.  Having a surgical note about what was done in the previous surgery.

Care should be taken not to smoke before and after the surgery.

Trust in the patient-physician relationship is even more important in these surgeries.

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